Financial Aid

Financing Options

To submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Click Here:

Federal Pell Grants

Federal Pell Grants range in award amounts from a minimum of $650 to approximately $6,495 per academic year. The size of the award depends upon the actual cost of attendance at the institution. The student must meet the institution’s satisfactory academic progress requirements to remain eligible for Pell grant disbursements. Awards are primarily determined by the student’s family income and size as well as the cost of attendance at the institution.

Direct Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

Any of our students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program may apply for a student loan. The borrower’s repayments begin six months after the student graduates withdraw, or drops below half-time enrollment status.

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

 is the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED’s) central database for student aid. NSLDS receives data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan program, and other Department of ED programs. NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and grants so that recipients of Title IV Aid can access and inquire about their Title IV loans and/or grant data. Students can access the Government system by clicking the following:


The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. and other nations. NCES is located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences. NCES fulfills a Congressional mandate to collect, collate, analyze, and report complete statistics on the condition of American education; conduct and publish reports; and review and report on education activities internationally. New Beginnings Beauty Academy currently uses the standard link while in candidate status. 

These items can be accessed at: or by clicking the IPEDS icon above. Select the location you wish to review then select enrollment to review the diversity of the campus.

Entrance Counseling:

Once it is determined that a student is eligible for a Direct Loan, you must complete Entrance Counseling.

New beginnings Beauty Academy offers individual and group sessions of on-line Entrance Counseling at The Entrance Counseling process helps the student to understand the loan process and to borrow more wisely. 

After completing the Entrance Counseling, click on the e-mail icon to notify the Financial Aid Officer at New Beginnings Beauty Academy.

Exit Counseling:

Prior to graduation or withdrawal from New Beginnings Beauty Academy all students who have received a Direct Subsidize, and/or Direct Unsubsidized loan must complete Exit Counseling.

Students will complete Exit Counseling online at The online Exit Counseling takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The student must complete the counseling in a single session.